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Cosette Hardman

Ms. Hardman graduated with Masters of Architecture from Portland State University in June 2018 where she had completed her thesis project, called “Vibrotorium – Read my hands, not my lips” which was purely focused on the deaf space research for the Oregon School for the Deaf. Furthermore, it was specifically on creating an auditorium to improve visual communication at OSD since they were a lack of accessible space inside and outside of the structure. She discovered that some of the schools of the deaf in the nation has an auditorium with improvement for the visual communication and friendly deaf space that enabled her a considerable knowledge in the Master program at Portland State School of Architecture.

She is currently an ASL tutor who has received the international ASL tutor certificate. During this time, she is an associate member of the American Institute of Architects (AI), participating on the Emerging Professional of the AIA Oregon Chapter. At this moment, she volunteered baking cookies and selling coffee to raise finances for the AIA Oregon Chapter.