Privacy Policy

This page is designed to inform our users in what manner, and for what purpose their information may be collected when using our site. This privacy policy applies to all branches of the ASLCORE project.

1. Feedback Form

We provide a custom feedback form for our project, and we encourage users to send us their thoughts on our content. This form also offers an easy way to report any missing content, broken links, or other such web glitches which would interfere with the usage and enjoyment of this resource.

All feedback received through our form is anonymous by default. While we request that you provide us with basic demographic information (for the purpose of better understanding our user base), this information is entirely optional.

Because of the anonymous nature of our form, by default we are unable to reply to feedback received. Because sometimes (in the case of bug reports or other such queries) a reply would be preferable, we have included a field where you may enter your email address. This address will be used for no other purpose than to reply to the feedback you send us, and as with the demographics described above, this field is entirely optional.

If you visit the form through one of our entry pages, the ID of the entry page is logged in the generated feedback report. If you visit the form through our search results page, your search query is logged as well. This information is used to allow us to better troubleshoot bug reports.

Information sent to us through our feedback form may be shared with relevant members of our team, for the purposes of addressing issues and improving our resources.

2. Website Analytics

In order to help us maintain and grow this project in ways which will most benefit our users, we make use of Matomo analytics, providing us with information such as geolocation and usage patterns within and across our websites.

The privacy of our users is important to us, and in the interests of respecting it, we have a number of settings in place designed to protect your privacy:

  1. The last byte of usersʼ IP addresses is masked when they visit our site, to better protect individual privacy.
  2. We respect browser "Do Not Track" requests. (You can toggle “Do Not Track” functions within your browser settings.)
  3. You may check your analytics status and opt in or out of our systems at any time within the green box below. (The setting you choose on this page applies to all of our sites, but only for the computer you are currently using. You will need to apply your settings separately for each device you use to access our resources.)

The information we receive through analytics are shared among relevant members of our team, and are used for the purposes of enhancing the usability of our site. If you are not uncomfortable with analytics systems, please consider remaining opted in, as the information we gain is helpful as we further develop our resources.

3. Video Analytics

We use Vimeo as a platform which allows us to serve you high definition videos with quick loading times. Vimeo includes its own analytics tools, which allow us to monitor data such as user engagement and general demographics. We use this data for the purposes of improving the accessibility and usability of our video resources. The data gathered through Vimeo may be made available to our team members and related DAS RIT/NTID personnel.

4. Social Analytics

We use Twitter to communicate with our community, as well as to post regular update announcements relating to new features, sign launches, and more. Twitter has its own platform of analytics tools which monitor engagement across our timeline of posts. We use this data to improve our ability to communicate. The data gathered through Twitter may be made available to our team members and related DAS RIT/NTID personnel.

5. RIT

ASLCORE is a project sponsored, developed, and maintained by the Rochester Institute of Technology. The privacy policy on this page describes specifically how the ASLCORE team handles information. RIT has its own overarching privacy policies, which you may learn more about here.


By using this site, you are agreeing to our usage of these technologies under these terms. This privacy policy may change at any time. Any changes to our handling of your information will be posted here, and a notice will be posted on our Twitter feed @aslcore.

If you have any questions about our privacy policies, please contact us through our feedback form.